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Kids Playhouses

Our playhouses are great for all ages to set up their very own place to hang out. Our kids playhouses are built to last throughout the entire years of childhood and go very well with swing sets. These play structures are designed for the ultimate fun and to make your kids happy.

These Hartville play structures come in all different shapes and sizes, like these examples: childrens play house, wooden play house, modern play house, indoor kids playhouse – each of these offer something special about toy storage space or design.  Each playhouse our team at Hartville Outdoor Products offers is built to be sturdy and safe with play features kids will love using for fun; these playhouses are also available in many colors, like pink playhouses or red playhouses. These playhouses are themed for everyone, so everybody can enjoy the fun with these amazing play structures. 

There is something special about each playhouse on the many of children’s outdoor playhouses we carry, but which one is the best one for your kids?   This question can only be answered by you after looking into what kids playhouse that we carry might be best for your child’s interests and needs. 

When looking at all of the options made available by Hartville Outdoor Products, families tend to choose official brand name products sold at popular toy stores or online playhouse stores.    When playhouses are made by play structures brands like Hartville , you can be sure that play structures will be durable, safe, and offer play features kids will love.

Playhouses sold by Hartville Outdoor Products are not only playhouses , they are quality outdoor products made to last using strong materials designed to hold together during playtime – so buyers can feel confident when purchasing one of these play structures. It’s great to have a Hartville playhouse in your backyard because kids can play all day long without needing a break from the harsh summer sun or cold winter weather conditions.

When it comes to choosing the best Hartville play structure, there is no need to compromise between quality and affordability because these playhouses provide many benefits without breaking the bank. With Hartville Outdoor Products ‘ line of playhouses for kids, families can have playhouse play structures that kids play in all day long without any problems. The playhouses for sale are play structures designed by Hartville Outdoor Products with certain value & quality standards. Each playhouse is built to last so every day will be a new adventure playing inside of these fun outdoor playhouses. 


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Kids Playhouse Amenities


Outdoor Playhouse

The playhouses play structures available from our family at Hartville Outdoor Products are playhouses that offer play features kids will love. Playhouse play structures can be used indoors or outdoors, and playhouse play structures range in price depending on design, material used to make playhouses. Whether you’re looking for a kids outdoor playhouse or indoor kids play house, there is a play structure perfect for your family whenever you are shopping with our outdoor playhouses!

Outdoor Playhouse Styles

We carry many styles for our playhouse buildings. From log cabin playhouses, to solid wooden playhouses, to painted playhouses that match any themes. These playhouses are prefab and can be delivered anywhere in Ohio and the US Midwest. Some of our kids playhouses come with a porch addition making it feel like a home away from home.

log cabin playhouses
log cabin playhouse near me


The interior of our playhouses mostly come with a ladder and loft area with a front window for the kids to hang out. It has a spacious downstairs room with two windows up front. There is a big backdoor to some of these spacious playhouses so there is convenient entry for cleaning and even making improvements ot the playhouse.

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