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Our family at Hartville Outdoor Products aims to make our business the most trusted outdoor shed company located in Northeast Ohio. Our sheds are custom built from scratch and from the heart and tailored to your desires. This team of shed experts makes sure that every person that is seeking a shed at our Showrooms in Northeast Ohio and everyone who calls in has a great experience the entire time.

The team also wants to make your experience great if you are searching for outdoor furniture as well. We have many at our showrooms and we would stop at nothing to make sure you get the right pieces for your deck or patio. To be a trusted outdoor furniture company as well as a shed company, you have to ensure we know all of the specifications of your property so we know we can help you find the right pieces of outdoor furniture. 

Always Striving To Be Your Best Source Choice For A Outdoor Furniture Company, Shed Companys and More.

More Details About Our Outdoor Sheds and Furniture


Hartville Outdoor Products sheds for sale give you many different sheds to choose from, including storage sheds, barns and different styles of buildings. You can start by looking at our many sheds here or you can also contact us, and set up an appointment so we can send you a brochure about the sheds.

Our variety comes to no end, and we want to make sure every shed we have on our property tells a story, and gives you the opportunity to make a better informed decision when shopping for any backyard building. Talk to one of our team players, and we will make sure you have a great experience and get the barn or shed that you need and want at the same time.

Prefab Building Companies

Being a trusted prefab building company starts with the absolute styling for our outdoor prefab buildings. The building team wants to make sure the variety in style lets you make an informed choice, so you are not just getting a shed, but something you can have value to it. Rather you are looking to get an office shed, so you can work away from home, but be close enough, or even a gym shed, so you can workout at home, our prefab buildings give you the opportunity to make these options a reality.

This particular she shed that you see will inspire you to get outside and do some gardening. It is the perfect prefab building for gardeners looking for more storage with their plants. This she shed comes with many amenities and some come with a porch. Comes with a porch and flower box which makes it look like a house from the outside and a greenhouse so you can have all of your favorite plants placed somewhere beautiful.

Outdoor Furniture Company

Hartville Outdoor Products’ deck furniture, lawn furniture and patio furniture is designed to maximize relaxation and entertainment on your patio. Relax with one of our gliding chairs, or rocking chairs built from scratch and designed for long term use. Our outdoor furniture defines comfort, style and value for your entire property.

We offer patio chairs, patio sets, table sets, swings and garden supply. This includes wooden chairs, poly chairs, poly tables, wooden tables and more that improves outdoor seating and overall backyard comfort.

outdoor furniture company

Our Shed Company and Furniture Company Experts Are Here To Help

When it comes up to your needs, just let us know! We have so many sheds to choose from between gable sheds perfectly made for storage, sheds with a loft so you can have more options of storing important things. We also have sheds with workbenches for those aiming to get on a project or maybe establish a home office. Some even come with style, and can be that she shed you desire, or even a bar style shed that everyone can stop by on a Sunday afternoon and kick back and enjoy the game. Maybe you might be looking to have a pool house, so individuals can get changed, or as crazy as it sounds, a two story shed building where you can make it to an extended housing area for those who would like to stay. We carry barn style sheds to get that rustic and classic feeling as your storage option as well.

And with not only how cool these outdoor sheds can be, our outdoor furniture can match the needs and style of your building. All one to go, so you can get the most value for your time.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have a reputation for providing high-quality sheds and outdoor furniture. Plus, we offer competitive pricing and have a wide selection of buildings, and outdoor furniture to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a new shed or just some new outdoor furniture, we aim to be the first and right choice, all of the time!

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