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Outdoor Furniture Accessories, Dining Table Umbrellas, Trash Cans, End Tables and Bridges

When you are looking for comfortable outdoor furniture, you cannot forget the outdoor furniture accessories that can come with these necessities for your backyard. The most important thing for your need on outdoor furniture is comfort. Comfort can be defined when you have the right things surrounding you so you can achieve such comfort.

Having an umbrella for your dining table, or even your rocking chairs and gliders can keep you in the nice shade during a really hot day. Having outdoor garbage cans can keep you from having to go inside or fill up your garbage bins daily. End tables can be supportive for setting things down, footrests are amazing for extending back on your favorite chairs. Planters and bridges can extend out your garden. The possibilities with outdoor furniture accessories are endless.


Feeling a little bit of rain? A drop or two? No need to worry. With our outdoor dining table sets with umbrellas are available for purchase. This fine piece of outdoor furniture accessories can keep you dry and warm til the sun breaks out. You also can buy umbrellas for your patio dining set separately as well and take one home for installation. Now, you have the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor dining set with no worries about a little bit of rain. 


Our outdoor trash cans for your backyard, garden or park is perfect and built to last. These decorative outdoor trash cans are perfect for your outdoor patio trash can needs and can get you the best in ensuring ease of use. With the ease of use put in place, you can rest knowing it will not be a hassle to throw a decent sized get together at your home and you will be able to optimize your time and headache with cleanup after the party. 

OUTdoor Garden Bridges & Planters

Hartville Outdoor Products carries high-quality outdoor garden bridges to ensure style and complete navigation throughout your property. Built fresh and ready to store in your backyard if you have a small creek or tiny stream or hills on your property. We also provide planters for your garden.


Our outdoor end tables and stools are perfect for any additional company and for party expansion. End tables are fine additional outdoor furniture accessories because everyone can place the phones or keys down there, and sit down and relax. There is nothing better than to have additional space so everyone can enjoy the fun at your patio or deck.