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Two Storage Sheds And Two Story Buildings 

Hartville Outdoor Products has two-story storage sheds for sale. The company offers a diverse selection of outdoor storage sheds and buildings.

Two story storage sheds are available for sale in northeast Ohio. Hartville Outdoor Products sells two-story buildings and much more. Our two-story sheds are great for accommodating larger equipment or storing extra building materials. These warehouses come standard with three roll up garage doors and five windows to allow ample light inside during the day. The peaked trusses give the building a refined appearance while also adding structural integrity to the building.

These two story sheds are built using glue-laminated timbers that offer superior strength compared to conventional wood construction methods. Each timber is made from layers of dimensional lumber that are bonded together with waterproof adhesive then placed under high pressure and high temperature conditions to cure the adhesive into one shed are corrugated polyethylene plastic panels that will never rust, peel or delaminate unlike metal buildings. The roofing material has an aluminum interlocking panel design with EPDM rubber membrane solid material.

This two story shed is built from southern yellow pine so it’s resistant to insects, decay and rot. This building can be used as a commercial or residential storage unit because the trusses are designed with 12″ on center spacing which provides for easy installation of insulation and air circulation. The floor system consists of 2×8 joists that have been pressure treated with penta to resist fungal decay and termites.

Tired of looking at your cluttered back yard? The Hartville Outdoor Products two story shed is perfect for storage. This will help to get you organized and give you more room in your garage.

If you are considering purchasing an outdoor building including garages or barns , two story buildings are also available at our store. The two story buildings feature stalls on either side of a large central area where larger equipment can be stored. These buildings come complete with overhead garage doors which make storing even more items easy and convenient. 

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