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At Hartville Outdoor Products, are garages can come with full customizations depending if you are building. You have the ability to customize your garage with our large variety of siding, roofing, and trim selections. With prefab garages, you may not have the option right away, but we are absolutely happy to accommodate. Our Amish built prefab garages mostly come with these accommodations that are mainly asked about, but our team can look into further options based on your request.

There are a long list of absolute benefits for having a garage on your property. The absolute problem about garages is that it can be hard to find the right garage for your property. You have to go into many facilities of thought before purchasing this much needed external building. Sometimes depending on your property size and accessibility, you might have to have it a garage built from scratch to finish, other cases, you can get it delivered and placed where you need it. You also need to consider zoning laws in the area that you live before making this decision.

Our garages are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your vehicles, refrigerators, freezers, and other storage amenities. Garages are also excellent for storing outdoor furniture, and even give you the opportunity for activities with friends and family during unfavorable weather we experience here in Ohio during the winter months. Our garages come with professionally put together garage doors and the potential to add a garage door opener for your convenience and the quality of the garage. Some of our garage buildings come with the garage door opener depending on the model you are looking at too.

Garage storage can be a pain if you have the property size, but not the garage size or garage itself in order to fulfill these needs for your home. Our garages are great to start for your storage needs, and also perfect to get started on garage organization as well. Garage installation is also available, you will need to call our team in order to get started with Garage Delivery and Installation in Northeast Ohio.

Single, double, one-story or two, does not matter. We can build you the perfect garage that you want that makes perfect for your property. Call us today for more information on how we can help you get started building, delivering, or installing one of these garage buildings for your family.

Rent to Own Garages Or More Garage Financing Opens Are Available


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Professional Garage Financing Options

Rent to Own Garages Available


Do you need additional space for your garage? We can help you out there, too. At Hartville Outdoor Products, we have two story garages available so you can park the vehicles, and have more room for storage upstairs. You also could have an office upstairs or a gym studio in some of these sheds, are customers’ customizations are truly remarkable. The upstairs side of these prefab garages for sale are outstanding and give you much more room than just a single story garage building.

Lets be in the game of thought for a minute, when having this extra space, it also gives you more longevity and happiness. The style of these two story garages are designed to be spacious and have that longevity you need. Our manufacturing team builds these garages to give you a style you love, and a storage solution unlike any other. You can remain organized, efficient, and know where all of your important supplies are.

These two story garage buildings feature reinforced double truss rafters, which provide you extra support. These buildings are built with materials that last through all of the elements that flow through the American Midwest. High winds, snow, thunderstorms, extreme hot weather, these garages can withstand many years of the combinations we go through yearly.

Our two story garage buildings usually come out truly custom, but one thing remains. QUALITY is built on every single building we have at our showrooms. Check out the awesome advice our team is talking about with the different kinds of storage buildings you can get with us. You don’t even have to use the garage or any building at our locations as a means of complete storage, but a place to work, workout, or get away. So much room for creativity aside from just the storage part. 

Get The Best Value in All Sizes Of Garages


Our two story garages for sale in Ohio provides you better storage options at home so you can make better decisions. Your stuff is secure in a building designed to withstand all elements, plus are made with durable construction to last for many, many years. All of our garages, no matter the size, are built with the best materials and experienced craftmanship. We hope every single garage will provide many years of great service.

Perfect For Vehicles, Bigger Items

Our two story buildings gives you not only the opportunity to store your vehicles, bigger items, tool boxes and workstations, but, you have a complete other floor ready for storage and even activities away from the house. You also can use our two story buildings for more places for family or friends to stay, should your home run out of rooms to stay in. Our professionally built two story building can be an extended place of living or hosting to your friends or family. Or, it could just be the most amazing place for everyone to get together!