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Welcome to the Hartville Outdoor Products Garage Buying Guide, your personalized roadmap to discovering the ideal garage for your needs. We understand that a garage is more than just a space for your vehicles; it’s an extension of your lifestyle and a functional addition to your property. As your trusted outdoor companion, we’ve curated this guide to put you in the driver’s seat, offering insights, considerations, and a range of options that align with your unique vision. Join us on this journey of exploration, where every turn unveils possibilities and helps you pave the way to the perfect garage tailored just for you.

This Garage Buying Guide is designed to make your shopping journey easier. We are hopeful this will help you pinpoint the Garage you want.

Shop By Garage Material

At Hartville Outdoor Products, our commitment to providing diverse options extends to shed materials. Choose from the sleek durability of Metal (or Steel) Sheds, the timeless appeal of Wooden Sheds, or the low-maintenance elegance of Vinyl-Sided Sheds. Each material brings its unique characteristics, ensuring that your shed not only meets your practical needs but also aligns seamlessly with your aesthetic preferences.

metal garage for sale hartville outdoor products

Metal Garages

two story lofted garage

Wooden Garages

two car gable garage

Vinyl Sided Garages

Shop By Garage Sizing

Your garage isn’t just a place for vehicles; it’s a functional extension of your lifestyle. At Hartville Outdoor Products, we recognize the importance of Garage Sizing in meeting your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a compact space to shelter a single car or a sprawling structure for multiple vehicles and added storage, our guide navigates you through the considerations of space, accessibility, and future possibilities. Discover the flexibility of sizes that cater to your individual requirements, ensuring your garage is not just a shelter but a versatile space that adapts to your ever-evolving needs. Explore Garage Sizing at Hartville Outdoor Products, where your vision meets reality seamlessly.

12x20 garages

One Car Garages

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Two Car Garages


Three Car Garage

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Four Car Garages

24x28x2 Story Big Boy

Two Story Garages

garden shed with garage door

Additional Garage Sizing

Shop By Garage Roof Type

Explore the subtle yet impactful world of roofing options with our Shop By Garage Roofing feature at Hartville Outdoor Products. Your garage’s roof is more than just a protective layer; it’s a design element that complements your overall aesthetic. Choose from our diverse options, including classic shingle roofs for timeless charm, or opt for the durability and low-maintenance appeal of a metal roof. Each roofing choice adds a distinct character to your garage, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your property’s style. Delve into our Garage Buying Guide to understand the nuances of each roofing option, guiding you to the perfect choice that not only safeguards your belongings but also enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

two story lofted garage

Gambrel Roof Garages

gable barn

Gable Roof Garages

a frame log cabins for sale

A Frame Roof Garages

garage building erie pennsylvania

Slanted Roof Garages

Shop By Garage Style

Dive into the world of garage styles with Hartville Outdoor Products’ Shop By Garage Style feature. Your garage is not just a practical space; it’s an extension of your property’s personality. Choose from the timeless charm of Barn Style Garages, blending classic design with functional storage. Opt for the sleek lines and contemporary flair of Modern Garages, elevating your outdoor aesthetic. Explore the versatility of Workshop Garages, offering a dedicated space for your projects and passions. Each style carries its unique character, ensuring your garage seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle and property. Uncover the perfect garage style that not only meets your functional needs but also adds a touch of individuality to your outdoor space. Explore the possibilities at Hartville Outdoor Products, where your vision for the perfect garage becomes a reality.

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Barn Style Garages

garage dayton ohio

Modern Style Garages

24x28x2 Story Big Boy 1

Workshop Style Garages

two story lofted garage

Two Story Garages

Shop By Garage Amenities

Tailor your garage experience with Hartville Outdoor Products’ Shop By Garage Amenities feature. Our extensive array of amenities caters to your every need and preference. Opt for Garages With Electricity, adding functionality to your space for hobbies or work. Embrace natural light with Garages With Windows or create an inviting outdoor space with Garages With a Porch. Elevate aesthetics with Transom Windows and choose Fully Finished Interior Garages for a turnkey solution. Select from Shingle or Metal Roofing for style and durability. Maximize storage with Garages With a Loft, work efficiently with Garages With a Workbench, and stay organized with included Shelving and Tool Rack options. Hartville Outdoor Products ensures that your garage is not just a structure but a personalized haven designed to enhance your lifestyle. Explore these amenities and more to craft the perfect garage for your unique needs and aspirations.

shed with dormer and porch

Garage With Porch

sheds with garage door

Garages With Windows

garage building lexington

Garages With Transom

garage sandusky ohio

Garages With Electricity

mini house shed Mason ohio

Finished Buildings

gable shed with shingle roof

Garage With Shingle Roof

2 Story 2 Door Garage Gable

Sheds With Metal Roof

10x16 lofted shed Columbus ohio

Garages With Loft

garage workshop buildings toledo

Garages With Workbench

shelving for barn

Garages With Shelving

garage work shop building near me

Garages With Tool Rack

steel barns hartville outdoor products

Additional Garage Options

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