Two Story Garages

Do you need additional space for your garage? We can help you out there, too. At Hartville Outdoor Products, we have two story garages available so you can park the vehicles, and have more room for storage upstairs. You also could have an office upstairs or a gym studio in some of these sheds, are customers’ customizations are truly remarkable. The upstairs side of these prefab garages for sale are outstanding and give you much more room than just a single story garage building.

Lets be in the game of thought for a minute, when having this extra space, it also gives you more longevity and happiness. The style of these two story garages are designed to be spacious and have that longevity you need. Our manufacturing team builds these garages to give you a style you love, and a storage solution unlike any other. You can remain organized, efficient, and know where all of your important supplies are.

These two story garage buildings feature reinforced double truss rafters, which provide you extra support. These buildings are built with materials that last through all of the elements that flow through the American Midwest. High winds, snow, thunderstorms, extreme hot weather, these garages can withstand many years of the combinations we go through yearly.

Our two story garage buildings usually come out truly custom, but one thing remains. QUALITY is built on every single building we have at our showrooms. Check out the awesome advice our team is talking about with the different kinds of storage buildings you can get with us. You don’t even have to use the garage or any building at our locations as a means of complete storage, but a place to work, workout, or get away. So much room for creativity aside from just the storage part. 

More Space For Your Garage

Two Story Garage Gallery

More Room For Projects. More Room For Lodging. More Room For Everything.

Amazing Amenities Included

2 Story 2 Door Garage Gable

Garage Doors

Some of our garage doors are painted and fabricated with style. Gives you the option to do a lot and secure your belongings inside of your garage. 


Massive Space 

Both stories of our two story garage buildings gives you enough room for many things to do. Work on a project car, or any project downstairs, and relax upstairs. You even can store a bunch of items upstairs and downstairs if you wanted to with this amount of space available.

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two story garages 1

Second Story 

Our chicken coops comes with all shapes and sizes perfectly conditioned for the amount of chickens you have. It is important to understand that when buying a chicken coop, you make sure the chicken coop size is perfect for enough room for all of your chickens.

Continuing Work On Your Chicken Coops…

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Maximize Your Garage Space With Our Two Story Garages