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Classic Series, Classic Style Sheds, Classic Quaker Sheds

Our classic series offers a great value for your storage needs. Economically built, they can be customized to suit any style, landscape, or home. Choose traditional styling w/ Gambrel, Gable roof or Quaker styling. Quaker storage shed style is well known for its classic looks and affordable prices. Classic Quaker storage sheds are easy to build, use common lumber sizes and can be mounted on a slab or any type of foundation.

A classic storage shed can be an excellent addition to the home. We also provide classic barns. It provides storage for yard equipment, bicycles, lawn mowers, and other tools—all things that need to be kept outside of the house. When considering storage sheds it is important to keep in mind what you will be storing inside them. If there are heavy objects or chemicals involved then you may want to consider a sturdier storage shed that will better protect your items from the elements. Some storage sheds also have built-in shelving which allows you to stack things up neatly inside of your shed rather than having boxes piled on top of each other causing clutter on the floor.

When choosing storage sheds it is important to do so based upon their size as well as how many storage sheds you will need. Some storage barns can be as small as a ten square foot storage shed while others could be as large as a storage shed that is over 1000 square feet. The size of your storage shed should also fit in with your overall design plan for the yard and other structures on the property.


Standard Features:
• FLOOR: Treated 4 x 4 skids, treated floor joists (2 x 4) 16″ on-center (O.C.), Treated 3/4″ CDX plywood floor
• WALLS: 16″ O.C. studs with Dura-Temp siding
• ROOF: 25-year shingles, 1/2″ OSB Sheathing

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Bike Shed

A bike shed, also called a bike garage, is a structure for storing bicycles in. It can be detached or fixed to the ground and made of wood or metal. A bike shed can be used by many people living in an apartment building with limited space. A cycle shed can be any durable structure that provides secure storage for one or more bicycles. In order to meet building regulations, they often feature electronic access control systems which allow bikes to be stored at the appropriate height without the use of racks or hoists, freeing up floor space. Cycle sheds may also hold other items such as helmets, clothing and panniers etcetera. They are usually made from metal with solid sides but can come in a variety of materials including brick or wood.

Classic Quaker Style Sheds

Since storage space is often limited it is important to keep track of what items are being stored inside the storage shed so that there is enough room to store everything you might need, without letting too many things pile up inside of them. If these storage sheds have openings from all sides you may want to look into getting a lock to secure your belongings if they are particularly valuable or especially coveted by friends or strangers whom you would want. Do this with style with our Classic Quaker Style Sheds.