Expand Your Home With Prefab Multiple Story Buildings

Discover the versatility and expanded space options with Two-Story Buildings at Hartville Outdoor Products. Our extensive collection includes two-story sheds, two-story garages, and two-story cabins, providing elevated solutions for your storage and living needs. Whether you seek additional storage, a spacious garage, or a charming cabin retreat, our two-story buildings offer the extra room you desire. Explore the possibilities of vertical expansion without compromising on quality or style. At Hartville Outdoor Products, we pride ourselves on providing innovative structures to enhance your property with functional and aesthetically pleasing options.


Two Story Building Sizes

Two Story Shed Buildings

Two Story Garage Buildings

Multiple Options Available

Two Story Building Gallery

More Room For Projects. More Room For Lodging. More Room For Everything.

Amazing Amenities Included

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Two Story Sheds

Experience the convenience of vertical storage and living with our Two-Story Sheds at Hartville Outdoor Products. Our two-story sheds offer a unique solution to maximize space while maintaining quality craftsmanship and design. With ample storage on both levels, these sheds provide an organized and efficient solution for your storage needs. Whether you’re looking to store equipment, create a workshop, or have additional space for various purposes, our two-story sheds deliver versatility and functionality.

Two Story Garages

Elevate your storage and workspace options with Two-Story Garages from Hartville Outdoor Products. Our two-story garage structures offer a unique solution for those seeking both parking space and additional storage or living area. With a spacious ground floor for parking vehicles or storing large items, and a second floor that can be utilized as a workshop, studio, or even living space, these garages provide flexibility and convenience. The sturdy construction and customizable features ensure that our two-story garages are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly with your property. 

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Massive opportunities

Two-story garages and sheds from Hartville Outdoor Products offer a multitude of benefits, making them a versatile and practical choice. The dual levels provide ample space for both parking and additional storage or functional use. This unique design maximizes your available square footage, allowing you to organize belongings efficiently and create dedicated areas for various purposes. Whether you need a workshop, studio, or extra living space, the second floor can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Continuing Work On Your Building

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