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What Standard Features Makes A Structure From Hartville Outdoor Products Shed Options Different?

Our products differ from most, not only from quality, but variety. All structures come with all of these features from below. This variety of support supplements your biggest needs in your backyard. 

Our family at Hartville Outdoor Products makes high quality out door storage sheds for anyone in the area. We have a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, allowing you to get the right building that will suit your needs. When you think of storage buildings, what image comes to mind? Is it a prefabricated metal building with walls that look like two-by-fours and ends that look like they’re made out of plywood? You’ve seen them all over – on lots where homeowners just finished their latest fixer-upper.

Or is the picture in your head more like this: an outdoor building? A prefabricated structure designed for protecting tools, equipment, bikes, boats & RVs. With 14′ wall heights, 16″ on center floor joists, double roof ribs or purlins instead of 2x4s and gables so common place they actually enhance the appearance of the building’s exterior. There are many shed options available for our amazing sheds for sale in Ohio.

Take a look at some of our great outdoor storage buildings. You can visit one of our showrooms today as well in Northeast Ohio. Have questions? Let us answer them for you with the frequently asked questions we answer for our customers. Or read our points below.


Wind Resistant Frames

No matter the strength of Ohio winds , you can be sure that Hartville Outdoor Products’ steel framed structures are strong enough to stand up against any storm Mother Nature brings to northeast Ohio. All roof components are pre-painted before they leave the factory to ensure long lasting beauty and durability in weather conditions!

Sheds With Painted Metal Roofs And Sheds With Shingle Roofs

These solid steel roofs come in several popular colors that will suit any home or business. Our roofs are built to survive the toughest of conditions, including snowfall and heavy rain . Sealing our roofs against any outside weather helps them remain rust free for many years to come! 

Optional Wood Siding/Trim Choose

Choose from a number of pre-painted finishes to match your property’s style. Hartville Outdoor Products uses high quality wood materials which have been sealed multiple times during production for maximum resistance against moisture and corrosion , as well as providing unmatched protection from sun damage as well as insect infestation!

Optional Vinyl Side Walls

When purchasing one of our outdoor storage buildings you can choose whether you want an installation with panels on three sides of the building or just on one side of the building. This will be determined by whether you want easy accessibility to your items, regardless of which way it is facing, or if you want to face the opening toward something like a garden or shed.

Fully Customizable Storage Buildings

You can purchase any outdoor shed in an unfinished form for those who want to do their own painting ( makes great project for family and friends! ) We also offer many different accessories including windows , vents , flower boxes , satellite dishes , skylights , and more ! Call today to receive a quote on one of our outdoor storage buildings!

Wide Variety in Sizing & Supplementary Items For Your Barns

Our Wide Variety of Support for Your Next Structure

25-Year 3-Tab Shingles

Well-made 25-year shingles that are carefully crafted for long-term durability. Multiple colors available.


Our barns feature End Vents on Wood Buildings and Ridge Vents on Vinyl & Log Buildings.


8′ Sheds include 50″ doors
10′ Sheds include 64″ doors
12′ & 14′ Sheds include 72″ doors

Keyed Locks

Every structure includes a keyed lock so you can protect your valuables upon delivery!

Double Stud Door Frame

Every door frame is supported with double-stud framing for added durability.

Black T-Hinges

Every door features durable Black T-Hinges to ensure your easy opening and closing for years to come.

Primed Duratemp Siding

Our factory built sheds are painted with your choice of color! See our options for your complete selection.

3/4″ Treated Plywood Flooring Supported By Solid 2×4 Framing

Our floors feature treated 2×4’s (12″ O/C) on edge and topped with 3/4″ treated plywood. Stronger, longer lasting, and no squeeking!

Premium 2×4 Side Wall Framing

Our structures feature Premium Grade 2×4 framing at 16″ “on center” wall studs and rafters. Solid and well-built!

Aluminum Drip Edge

We feature White, Brown, and Black Aluminum Drip Edge.

Premium 1/2″ Plywood

Our structures feature Premium 1/2″ Plywood on our side walls and roofing. You won’t find OSB on our barns and sheds, except on our Competition Series.

All Available Shed Options for Our Executive Series

All Available Shed Options for Our Classic & Premier Series