Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need a building permit for my barn?

Some areas require building permits for barns and others do not, so check with your local municipality if you have questions for your area. We have a barn diagram that may be useful in the permitting process if you do find you need a permit (see barn construction).

Do the skids stay in place below my barn?

The skids below the barn are spaced correctly to fit the transport trailer but also stay in place after installation. If your barn needs to be built on a concrete pad that you wish to use as the floor we bring the barn as a kit and construct it on your concrete pad.


Will you use blocks to level my barn?

We do not normally level a barn using blocks, though in some situations for smaller barns we can use blocks for leveling. Let us know in advance if you believe blocking may work for your situation. Three things apply in the event we agree to try to level your barn with blocks: (1) You will need to provide ample blocks and have them on site before the barn arrives, (2) you may need to pay extra for the time needed to block the barn, and (3) we will not return to reblock a barn that has settled after installation.


Can my barn be set on grass or do I need to prepare a site for the barn?

Grass areas are seldom level enough to set a barn without any preparation. The barn may be set on a concrete pad, patio, deck, or bed of crubarn stone. A good way to prepare a foundation is to cut out 4″ to 6″ of sod and fill it with ¾” crubarn stones. You will likely want to frame the pad with timbers if the ground is not level since you will then need to dig deeper at some places and may need to hold the stone in place on one of the sides. The foundation needs to be level for your barn to be level.


What happens if I need to cancel an order for a barn or barn?

A barn or barn order may be cancelled for a full refund before the order has been processed at the shop. The amount of refund after the order has been processed depends on the order itself and the amount of work that has been done on the order at the point of cancellation.


How do you build large barns, barns, and garages? How do you build two story structures?

All larger structures take some final assembly at the job site. Sometimes a barn can be built and delivered in sections with the sections being joined on location. The second story of a two story barn is always finibarn at the job site. For some larger buildings the lower story is shipped as a kit with prefab walls rather than completed sections.

Can you build a barn or barn at my site if the standard delivery doesn’t work for me?

If space or ground conditions do not permit delivery of a fully assembled barn or barn to your site we can bring the structure as a kit with prefabricated walls instead and assemble it on location. Building a barn or barn on site is less efficient than building it at the shop so we need to charge more when we build a barn or barn on site.


How do you get a storage barn into my yard?

The barn is normally assembled at the shop and brought to your location on a truck and trailer. The truck and trailer are then backed into your yard to the point where you want the barn, the trailer is tilted, and the barn is slid off the back of the trailer (see photos below). An alternative method is to use a “mule,” a specialized forklift used to move barns. Unlike a standard forklift the mule can be used in a yard. Click here for more information about the mule.