Keeping Your Shed Secure At Night

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If you are like most people, you toss a $5 master lock onto your shed and sleep peacefully at night. After all, who would want to invade your space and break into the old shed in the backyard for a couple of tools? I am sure this thought continues to play in the minds of those who became a target and lost everything. Having a comprehensive security plan for your shed is crucial. Criminals tend to target sheds because they believe they are easier to break into compared to homes, and more often than not, they are right. Combining multiple shed security measures can deter these wrongdoers and keep your belongings safe. In this blog post, we’ll explore a few ways to create layers of protection for your shed and protect yourself from having that guilty hindsight.

outdoors company for my backyard
outdoors company for my backyard

Shed Security Bar

A shed security bar is designed to reinforce the doors and prevent them from being kicked in or pried open. Installing a shed security bar across the door creates a physical barrier that makes it much harder to manipulate any weakness in the doors themselves. The sheer presence of a security bar can discourage criminals from attempting to break in. They are easy to install, and with matching locks, this won’t impact your ability to access your shed as you please. Make sure to use heavy-duty, weather-proof locks and tamper-proof hardware when installing. You wouldn’t want anyone walking around with simple bolt cutters and a screwdriver to be able to undermine your defenses. 

Beige barn Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
shed security hinges

Shed Security Hinges

While shed security hinges are probably high on the list of things you consider to be necessary, they should be. You might do a fantastic job with all the other weak points of your shed, but if your doors can be taken right off at the hinges, then it’s all for nothing. Tamper-proof hinges are likely available at your local hardware store, and everything is easily accessible online. You can find a relatively inexpensive set that will improve your shed security immensely. With most shed hinges mounted on the outside, this is another place where tamper-proof hardware is essential. 

birch stain shed with solar light
birch stain shed with solar light

Shed Security Camera

A shed security camera that allows you to monitor and record nearby activity adds multiple levels of protection in a single package. I can’t think of anything more intimidating to criminals than video footage of them committing a crime. With the latest technological advances, wireless camera systems and monitoring software are more affordable and user-friendly than ever before. Look at your shed from the criminals’ perspective and point a camera towards any place that could be used for unwanted entry. Place one camera in plain sight for the guard dog effect and keep the rest tucked away for their protection. 

storage sheds with windows
storage sheds with windows

Windows To Keep Your Shed Secure

Windows is another weak point in many sheds, offering easy access for criminals. If you’re building or buying a new shed, consider choosing a window small enough to prevent most average sized people from crawling through. When full size windows are preferred, see if you can opt for shatterproof glass. Shed security windows are available in all shapes and sizes. This makes it east to get the look you want without sacrificing peace of mind. 

Beige barn Kent Ohio
Beige barn Kent Ohio

Ideas To Secure Your Storage Building

In addition to these shed security upgrades, there are several other ideas you can implement to enhance protection further:

Lighting: Install motion-activated lights around your shed. Criminals like to work in the dark. Take that away from them; you will likely be much better off. Motion-activated lights inside your shed would serve you well, but that’s more of a quality-of-life upgrade than it is for security. 

Many wireless camera systems are tied to additional products like glass-break sensors and motion detection alarms. See if you can use bundling to your advantage. 

10x10 outdoor storage shed Mansfield Ohio
10×10 outdoor storage shed Mansfield Ohio


The phrase “less is more” is not something that applies to securing your valuables. Using a comprehensive approach is always the best practice. It is essential to put yourself in the shoes of “the bad guy” when evaluating your needs. If you walked up to a shed that was well maintained and decked out with security bars, windows, hinges, motion lights, and a fully operational surveillance/alarm system, you would have to be crazy to even attempt a break-in. Unfortunately, those people exist, and that’s why you should consider overhauling your shed security sooner rather than later. Good luck out there!