How Much Does It Cost To Build a Garage

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Building a garage is not just about securing your vehicles; it’s about adding value to your property and creating a functional space tailored to your needs. However, the costs associated with constructing a garage can vary significantly based on several factors. In this extensive exploration, we’ll delve into the nuances of building a garage, understanding the contributing factors, and shining a light on the potential benefits of prefab garages. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to some offerings from Hartville Outdoor Products, showcasing their expertise in providing top-notch prefab garages and two-story structures.

two car garage with two stories
two car garage with two stories

Factors Influencing Garage Construction Costs:

When it comes to factors of how much to build a garage, you need to think about so many aspects. The size and design complexity of your garage play a pivotal role. Larger garages with intricate designs generally incur higher construction costs. The choice of materials, including the type of roofing, siding, and flooring, significantly impacts costs. Premium materials contribute to a higher overall cost. The foundation choice, whether it’s a slab, crawl space, or full basement, affects costs.

Different soil conditions may necessitate specific foundation types. The inclusion of utilities such as electricity, plumbing, and heating adds to the overall cost. Consider whether your garage will have living space or additional amenities. The geographic location of your garage project influences costs. Local building codes, permit fees, and labor costs can vary.

With an all-in-one package depending on size, you could see the price of a custom-built garage be around as little as low as $7,500 to as high as $42,700. On average, most consumers spend around $19,600 to $28,200 in a 2023 Study by HomeGuide. On the high-end, if you are looking to add on particular materials, extra amenities, and more, you could be adding on from as little as $3,000 up to an additional $25,000 at the most in a sense of imagination. Amenities really make a difference too. Installing air conditioning and heating, electrical packages, water packages, and more. There are many factors that could make an investment in a garage to generally be up to $50,000 on average if you are getting an additional amenity or two.

two story lofted garage
two story lofted garage

Attached Vs Detached Garages

We also need to jump into the conversation of an attached garage and a detached garage. Attached garages are built to be attached to the main structure of your property. A detached garage is built in a separate location from your property and is not attached to your main structure. In a few case studies, it is found that pricing varies depending on the situation. Obviously, the bigger the size, the more investment is needed. On average an attached single-car garage costs up to $10,800 while an attached single-car garage costs on average around $19,300. For a detached single-car garage, you are ballparking around $13,200 and for a two-car detached garage, you are ballparking up to $24,200.

Notice the pricing is more expensive for a detached garage. On attached garages, you may already have the necessary perks to get things hooked up ready to go, or easier to install. For a detached garage, you need to start from scratch when adding amenities such as HVAC, electricity, and more for your detached building.

Size Specifications

When you are thinking about how much does it cost to build a garage, you need to keep in mind sizing. And what we mean by size specifications for your garage, you need to know how much it costs to build a single car, two car, three car, or four our more car garage sizes.

Let’s delve into the specifics:

Single-Car Garage: For those looking to construct a single-car garage, the average cost falls in the range of $7,500 to $14,200. This cost includes factors such as size, materials, design complexity, foundation type, and potential amenities.

Two-Car Garage: Expanding to a two-car garage naturally increases the budget. On average, the cost for a two-car garage ranges from $14,500 to $42,300. The variance in price depends on various factors like size, design intricacy, and the choice of materials.

Three-Car Garage: If you require a more spacious garage for three cars, the average cost elevates to around $20,300 to $42,050. This category involves larger structures and additional considerations in terms of design and materials.

Four or More Car Garages: For those needing even more space for four or more cars, the cost can extend beyond the previous ranges. The complexity of the structure and the sheer size contribute to an average cost that may exceed $42,050. It’s crucial to carefully assess your specific needs and budget when planning the construction of a garage tailored to accommodate four or more vehicles.

These estimates are based on industry averages and can vary based on location, materials chosen, and specific design features. It’s advisable to consult with professionals and obtain detailed quotes to plan your garage construction project effectively.

2 story 2 door garage 1
2 story 2 door garage 1

The Affordability of Prefab Garages:

Prefab garages, also known as modular garages, offer a compelling alternative for those seeking cost-effective and efficient solutions. Although most, if not all are completely detached, they are all done, and that provides a significant value of time as you can get it sent to your property or built on your property with no hassle. Some prefab garages come with those extra amenities such as electrical packages.

how much does it cost to build a garage
prefab shed with garage door hartville outdoor products

How Hartville Outdoor Products Can Help:

Our team would be more than glad to point you in the right direction of prefab garages or prefab two story garages for sale at our locations. There are quite a few benefits of owning a prefab building as you do not have to worry about building from the ground up. You only need to worry about what you may need to add to your building. Our garage buildings that are built prefab are made to last, put together with care, and have so many benefits with room to add on. Choose from a range of customization options to tailor your prefab garage to suit your style and requirements. Benefit from the expertise of professionals who can guide you through the entire process, from selecting the right structure to finalizing the finishing touches.

Hartville Outdoor Products prioritizes durability and quality, ensuring that your prefab garage not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Prefab garages are known for their quicker construction timelines. Hartville Outdoor Products can efficiently set up your garage, saving you time and money.

Prefab Garages Are A Great Investment

Prefab garages offer a compelling solution for those seeking detached garage buildings due to several advantages. Firstly, prefabricated garages are known for their cost-effectiveness. They typically involve lower labor and material costs compared to traditional on-site construction. This affordability makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. Secondly, prefab garages are known for their speed of installation.

As these structures are manufactured off-site, the on-site assembly process is significantly faster, saving time and reducing disruptions. Additionally, prefab garages often come with customizable design options, allowing buyers to tailor the structure to their specific needs. This combination of cost-effectiveness, quick installation, and customization makes prefab garages an appealing choice for those in search of detached garage buildings.

two story office shed hartville outdoor products
two story office shed hartville outdoor products


Building a garage is a significant investment, and understanding the associated costs is crucial in making informed decisions. Whether you opt for a traditional garage or explore the benefits of prefab options from Hartville Outdoor Products, the goal is to create a space that aligns with your vision and provides the functionality you need. As you embark on this journey, may the process be as seamless as the final structure you envision for your property. We hope this helps point you in the right direction of how much does it cost to build a garage.