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We sell the highest quality Storage Barns, Storage Sheds and More Structures for your backyard or lot in the mid-western area of the country!

Whether you’re a contractor or just a homeowner, workshop barns can be a great addition to your property.

Our outdoor storage barns are the perfect way to store equipment, tools and more – just a little bit out of sight. They’re also a fantastic option for those who want woodworking workshop space but don’t have enough room indoors.

Our outdoor workshop barns are built to last – they’re rugged and dependable, so you can use them any time of year. You’ll be surprised at how much room our workshop barns have inside – plus, you’ll notice the difference in quality compared to other outside workshop solutions. Plus, there’s no need to worry about how your workshop shed will fit in with the rest of your landscaping – we can help you choose a workshop storage solution that complements existing materials on your property.

The office barn is built in accordance with the highest industry standards and certified technicians will be on-site to set up office at your location. Your office installation will come complete with a 10 year limited manufacturer warranty.    Ready to start with office barns can also feature a variety of optional office accessories, including office cabinets for office files or office supplies. Office desks are also available to go with office equipment barns.

Office barns are ideal for the home office, garden office, yard office, backyard office bar, workshop office barn, or other commercial application. Need some design inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Page for more shed inspiration.

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Pool House Barns

You’re gonna love having company more now when you have a pool house barn. A place for company to relax or get changed before a great swim! Our pool house barns are built to last and are convenient in sizing for your property needs. 

Garden Barns

Ready to garden? Hartville Outdoor Products offers custom garden barns for sale with quick turnaround, delivery, and professional install. We offer garden storage barns of any size. Our garden barn kits are created with customer needs in mind. We consider determining the best use of space, potential challenges, the time required to complete the building project, and accessibility by our delivery crew when creating garden barns.

Office Barns 

The office barns come in a range of sizes, with several different options for office shed door material. The smaller office barns  come equipped with a four-foot office shed door, which is made out of aluminum and has a massive 24×24 office barn window on the front. These small office barns also include two office chairs and one desk inside, as well as shelving and everything else needed to make it an office barn.