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12×28 Adventure Series Country Cabin

In Stock

  • DoublePane Windows
  • Man Door
  • Heating & Air
  • Electric Pole
  • Finished Interior (Siding as Well)
  • Flooring
  • Insulated

Lot Number: 2

Tag Number: 406

Optional Features Included: Double Pane Windows, Man Door, Heat & Air, Electric Pole, Finished Interior, 50 Year Flooring, Insulated

Multiple Financing Options including RTO available.


Shed Options



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12×28 Cabin

Hartville Outdoor Products are proud to offer our 12×28 cabin, perfect for your backyard getaway or guest house. This cabin is professionally handcrafted in Ohio and the American Midwest, built to last with an eye for perfection. It comes fully-finished, with floors, insulation, roofing, air conditioning, heating and more all ready to go. Plumbing is also available—all you need to do is setup a kitchen and bathroom and you’ll have the perfect weekend escape.

Our 12×28 cabin is designed with maximum comfort in mind. Its 12-by-28 foot size makes it great for families of all sizes who are looking for a relaxing place to spend their quality time together. The roof is durable enough to withstand the toughest of weather conditions while still maintaining its stylish aesthetic appeal. Our cabins are insulated well enough that they keep cool in the summer months yet remain warm during cold Ohio winters. They also feature air conditioning and heating systems that make them comfortable whatever season it may be. Plus, all electric wiring and plumbing connections come included so you don’t have to worry about setting up any additional systems once your cabin arrives.

The 12×28 cabin from Hartville Outdoor Products provides unbeatable value for your money. Not only does it look amazing on your property but its top quality construction means you won’t have to worry about frequent repairs or maintenance costs in the future—it will stand strong for years to come! Plus, as soon as delivery takes place you can start making it your own by personalizing it with furniture pieces or decorations of your choice. So if you’re looking for a unique way to spruce up your backyard or provide extra space on your property then look no further than our 12×28 cabin!

Getaway Cabin

Hartville Outdoor Products offers a 12×28 getaway cabin that is already finished and ready to use. It comes with flooring, insulation, roofing, air conditioning, heating, and more – all of the essentials for making it a perfect getaway spot in your backyard or elsewhere. Plumbing is available so you can have a kitchen and bathroom installed for added convenience.

This getaway cabin is not just exceptional in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of durability. Built according to Ohio and Midwest construction standards, these cabins are designed to last for many years while still looking their best. All the materials used are of the highest quality to ensure maximum safety and satisfaction. The cabin also has built-in protection against possible extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or snowfall.

Not only will this getaway cabin be the perfect getaway spot for weekends but it will also make a great guest house for visitors. This means that you can enjoy all the comfort of having your own living space without having to worry about upkeep costs or energy bills! Moreover, if you ever decide to move locations, these cabins are built in such a way that they’re easily transportable – ensuring that your getaway cabin stays with you wherever life takes you!

So why wait? Get your getaway cabin from Hartville Outdoor Products today and start enjoying all the benefits of having an amazing getaway spot on your property! With our professionally handcrafted cabins, you’ll find that there’s no better option when it comes to quality construction and lasting value.

12×28 illinois

Standard Options

 Color Options

color options


 Building Sizes

Our Vinyl Deluxe offers you a tall wall with an attractive overhang. This is one of Hartville Outdoor Product’s best sellers! If you are looking to enhance your backyard and add storage, look no further! TIP: Taller walls make bringing out your lawn tractor, golf cart, or other large items even easier.

block site prep Hartville Outdoor Products Size:
8′ Wide
10′ Wide
12′ Wide
14′ Wide
There will be an additional charge for each pillar that exceeds these heights.


12” on-center floor joists
2×6 floor joist upgrade
Partition Wall
Taller Wall Package (7’)
Techshield (Roof Only)
Techshield (Roof & Walls)
50 Year Floor ¾”T&G (8’ wide)
50 Year Floor ¾”T&G (10’ wide)
50 Year Floor ¾”T&G (12’ wide )
50 Year Floor ¾”T&G (14’ wide)
Tread Plates SD
Tread Plates DD
Tread Plates GD


12” on-center floor joists
2×6 floor joist upgrade
Partition Wall
Taller Wall Package (7’)
Techshield (Roof Only)
Techshield (Roof & Walls)
50 Year Floor ¾”T&G (8’ wide)
50 Year Floor ¾”T&G (10’ wide)
50 Year Floor ¾”T&G (12’ wide )
50 Year Floor ¾”T&G (14’ wide)
Tread Plates SD
Tread Plates DD
Tread Plates GD


Floor Only $1.00/sq ft



Engineered Drawings
4 Anchors
Extra Anchors



36” Single Door
36” Single 9-Lite Door
72” Double Door
72” Double 9-Lite Door
36” Single 4-Lite Door
72” Double 4-Lite Door
36” Prehung Single Door
36” Prehung Single 9-Lite Door
72″ Prehung Double 9-Lite Door
Burglar Bars


24×36 Window
30×36 Window
30×36 Insulated Window
Window Security Bars (24”only)
Louver Shutters
Raised Panel Shutters
Vinyl Flower Box


Ridge Vent
Octagon Vent (white)
1-Solar Vent
( suggested on: 8×8-10×16)
2-Solar Vents
(suggested on:10×20-12×24)
3-Solar Vents
( suggested on:12×28 and up)



2’ Deep Work Bench
3 Tier Shelves 1’ Deep
4’ Deep Loft
6’ Deep Loft
8’ Deep Loft
Pegboard 8’
Pegboard 10’
Pegboard 12’
Pegboard 14’
Heat & Air Unit
Air Conditioner


4’ Porch -Vinyl Rail & Pickets
6’ Porch -Vinyl Rail & Pickets
4’ Porch -Wood Rail & Pickets
6’ Porch -Wood Rail & Pickets
Ramp Section (15½″ x 70″)
4 Sections for Double Door
(not rated for heavy vehicles)


(upgrades to 12” on-center Floor Joists)

7’ Wide Overhead Door (min 10’)
8’ Wide Overhead Door (min 12’)
9’ Wide Overhead Door (min 14’)
Insulated Overhead Door
Windows in Overhead Door
Carriage Style Door



Opener (+1 remote)
Additional remote



Breaker Box
Light Switch
TamperProof Outlet /Receptacle
Interior Light
TamperProof GFCI Outlet

0% Interest Financing Available Or Rent To Own

Answering Your Questions


Some areas require building permits for sheds and others do not, so check with your local municipality if you have questions for your area. We have a shed diagram that may be useful in the permitting process if you do find you need a permit (see shed construction).


The skids below the barn are spaced correctly to fit the transport trailer but also stay in place after installation. If your barn needs to be built on a concrete pad that you wish to use as the floor we bring the barn as a kit and construct it on your concrete pad.


We do not normally level a barn using blocks, though in some situations for smaller barns we can use blocks for leveling. Let us know in advance if you believe blocking may work for your situation. Three things apply in the event we agree to try to level your barn with blocks: (1) You will need to provide ample blocks and have them on site before the barn arrives, (2) you may need to pay extra for the time needed to block the barn, and (3) we will not return to reblock a barn that has settled after installation.


All larger structures take some final assembly at the job site. Sometimes a barn can be built and delivered in sections with the sections being joined on location. The second story of a two story barn is always finibarn at the job site. For some larger buildings the lower story is shipped as a kit with prefab walls rather than completed sections.


A barn or barn order may be cancelled for a full refund before the order has been processed at the shop. The amount of refund after the order has been processed depends on the order itself and the amount of work that has been done on the order at the point of cancellation.


If space or ground conditions do not permit delivery of a fully assembled barn or barn to your site we can bring the structure as a kit with prefabricated walls instead and assemble it on location. Building a barn or barn on site is less efficient than building it at the shop so we need to charge more when we build a barn or barn on site.


The barn is normally assembled at the shop and brought to your location on a truck and trailer. The truck and trailer are then backed into your yard to the point where you want the barn, the trailer is tilted, and the barn is slid off the back of the trailer. An alternative method is to use a “mule,” a specialized forklift used to move barns. Unlike a standard forklift the mule can be used in a yard. Get for more information about the mule.

What Our Customers Say

We highly recommend checking out the sheds and barns at Hartville Outdoor Products! Although our house is fairly large, the garage is not sufficient for storing all of our outdoor items so we were looking for a storage shed. We were able to see many sheds and barns on site and Jason was very helpful as he took the time to walk around the lot with us and converse about our needs. When all was said and done, Jason showed us exactly what we wanted and priced it out for us. He then went one step further and showed us a few upgrades (a metal roof and an extra window!) available for just a couple hundred dollars more. The options available were more than we needed or expected but in the end we ended up with a very reasonable price, and a functional and aesthetically pleasing shed too.
AddieNJack Clark

Went here looking for a shed and was helped by Bill. He was very knowledgable, friendly, and honest. Went over all the options available and customizations we could do to our shed, they had a great selection too. Their products seem like great quality. Will definatly recommend to friends and family!
Justin Dominick

Great place for all of your outdoor needs. The kids love their new play set and my wife and I enjoy the glider. See you this fall for a shed!

Eric Brown

His face is very nice as a really nice items for sale for your yard were you camping area I recommend if you’re looking for something they are tourneys this is the place to go cheers Gables umbrellas so on and so forth
John Wright

Wonderful quality, great service and overall enjoyable environment
Leah LaFarciola

Excellent selection. Knowledgeable staff. Friendly helpful
Chris Casanova

Went there not quite knowing what I was looking for but the friendlyl staff helped me make an excellent selection! Thank you for all your help and kindness! I will be back:)
Lyrix06 Lyrix *Google Review

Great place, friendly staff. Everyone on the lot was super helpful. I’d recommend this place to anyone!
Mark Coulter

Dave was fantastic to work with, not pushy at all to make a sale. Made things easy and explained things thoroughly. Couldn’t be happier with our experience! Highly recommend!
Christina Stoltz

Large selection of barns. Decent prices. Will probably get my barn there.
Chris Boone

Awesome everything!!! Great quality products, great price, & great service! Bought a large 14×32 shed that I love and look forward to getting some poly furniture soon!!!
Darla Shilts

Great people and very helpful. They have two offices on the lot so if staff are not in one office they’re in the other. Scott is very friendly and patient. If you’re looking for outdoors stuff, you definitely have to come here.
Jin Le

Was greeted as soon as i pulled in. great family business with very knowledgeable staff.
Thomas Stumpf

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