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Hartville Outdoor Products is also an authorized dealer for Amish handcrafted doghouses made right here in Northeast Ohio. Our online store offers large dog houses great for extra-large breeds, but we are happy to special order any size or style that will fit your needs.

Hartville Outdoor Products has been proudly serving customers for many years providing them with only the finest quality products that are both safe and durable. Our staff will help you pick out the perfect dog house that is built to last and is comfortable for your best friend. Or, we can help you find another product that meets your pet’s needs.

We also specialize in outdoor rabbit pens. Our customers come from all over Ohio for our rabbit pens for sale. We have many different styles and sizes available, including the most popular rabbit cage model, which we sell in multiple quantities. You can also buy one of our numerous outdoor hutches if you need more than one with our wide selection of high-quality rabbit pens for sale this month.

If you are in search of a Horse Barn, we have live stock shelters that are made perfect for bigger animals. These structures are designed for comfort and ensure your animals live their best lives.

Quality built havens for your dogs. Available in multiple sizes and paint colors. Made from top quality exterior materials, these dog houses will last a lifetime.
Dog House Sizes: 40″ x 48″, 32″ x 40″, 24″ x 32″, 16″ x 14″*
Dog Kennel Sizes: 4 Pen 10′ x 16’*, 3 Pen 10′ x 12’*, 2 Pen 10′ x 8′, Single Pen 10′ x 4’*

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Built with the best materials that is designed to last. Ohio and the entire United States Midwest has its ups and downs with weather, and with up and down weather, comes with wear and tear. These buildings withstand the wear and tear not only wonderfully, but stay at the same value as to when you buy them. Like any house, these buildings make a fine home for your best friends.

Built For Comfort

Your animals are going to be comfortable. Horses, dogs, rabbits, chickens. There is no limitation on our animal shelter buildings for comfort options. These wonderful buildings makes any animal happy and appreciative. 

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