What Is Poly Furniture

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Poly furniture, crafted from HDPE plastic, offers durability and eco-friendliness. It’s low-maintenance and resists rot, mold, and insects. With diverse colors and styles, it complements any outdoor space. Moreover, its sustainability, often derived from recycled materials, is commendable. Embracing poly furniture ensures a stylish, enduring outdoor seating solution. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of polywood outdoor furniture.

poly glider chair
poly glider chair

Discover the Enduring Beauty of Polywood Outdoor Furniture

Explore the exceptional world of polywood outdoor furniture, Polywood furniture is a superior choice for anyone seeking stylish and sustainable outdoor furniture. Unlike traditional wood furniture, Polywood furniture is crafted from recycled milk jugs and other recycled materials, creating a proprietary material that withstands the weather conditions of all four seasons.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Whether it’s a cozy corner on a porch or a sprawling patio, our polywood patio furniture collection offers everything. This includes dining sets and chairs designed to enhance your outdoor décor. Our furniture is built to stand up against heavy winds and salt spray. It is also intended to be enjoyed in the hot sun without the maintenance hassle of traditional wood furniture that needs to be painted or stained.

poly lounge chair

Versatility Across the Board

From side tables and benches to poly table and chairs, our versatile polywood collections fit every style and space. This ensures you find the perfect match for your deck or backyard. Our furniture pieces are constructed to maintain their quality and attractiveness. Our poly furniture resists rot and damage, making them a durable choice for any setting.

Environmentally Friendly and Stylish

Polywood outdoor furniture not only adds elegance to your patio or deck but also aligns with eco-friendly values. Each piece includes landfill-bound plastics, transforming them into beautiful outdoor furniture. With various styles and colors, our poly furniture allows you to relax and enjoy your outdoor space in comfort and style.

outdoor furniture companies
outdoor furniture companies

Made in the USA: A Commitment to Quality

Proudly constructed in the USA, our polywood deck furniture is committed to quality and craftsmanship. Choose from a range of styles to suit your personal taste and space. Know that you are investing in furniture that will stand the test of time and elements while also saving money on maintenance and replacement.


Polywood outdoor furniture offers a stylish, durable, and sustainable choice for a deck, porch, or any outdoor area. Embrace the trends in outdoor décor with furniture you can sit back and relax in. Upgrade your outdoor space with Hartville Outdoor Products! Explore our poly furniture collection for a stylish, durable, and sustainable choice. Embrace the latest trends in outdoor décor and enjoy endless relaxation. Shop now and find the best poly furniture brands to transform your deck, porch, or outdoor area into your personal sanctuary.