Installing A Garage Door Opener

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Importance Of Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers are a highly convenient and satisfactory item to have in your garage. Installing a garage door opener is something you can do by yourself if you have the right skill set and tools. They can help with a few things. One of those things would be giving you the ability to use a button to open your garage. This eliminates you having to lift the door from the ground to the header all by yourself. This also eliminates having to stop and park your car outside of the garage, manually open it, then park your car in the garage. This can be highly convenient when it is raining or when it is snowing outside. Another convenient thing about the openers is that they have a light bulb or even two so you can light your garage.

Then you may like to use those lights if you plan on not having the light on for that long. Also having a wall button is wonderful too because you can stand by the doorway of your garage to open it. This is much better than having to manually walk up to your door and manually unlock and open it. Also, another thing that is convenient is the photo safety eyes at the bottom of the garage door. These will make the door go up in case anything is blocking the way and will eliminate the possibility of closing the door. This is a wonderful idea so small children and animals do not become crushed by the garage door closing.

2 story 2 door garage 1
2 story 2 door garage 1

Rail Length And Garage Door Height

There are many different types of garage door openers. One of the important things would be knowing what kind of opener that you would be needing when installing a garage door opener. Also, you will need to know how tall your garage door is. Not to find that out you may like to measure the middle of your garage door. Go from the bottom and see what number ends up on top. Majority of the time you will have a 7ft high or even an 8ft high garage door. With that being said you will need to have the same rail length for your garage door opener. Also if your garage door is a custom height then you should you may need a custom rail size. For some models, you may be able to cut the rail length and for some, you may not. If you have a custom size garage door then it would be best to have a professional garage door company install your machine if you are not comfortable doing it yourself. This same concept goes for commercial-sized doors as well as industrial-sized garage doors. Also, keep in mind that there are a few different rail types depending on the opener that you purchase. Some rails are even sold separately compared to some other garage door opener models.


  • Importance Of Garage Door Openers.
  • Rail Length And Garage Door Height
  • Steps For Garage Door Opener Installation
  • Prior Installation Knowledge
  • General Installation Tools
  • Removing the Old Opener
  • Setting Up The Opener
  • Installing The Photo Eyes
  • Installing The Wall Button
  • Installing The Keypad
  • Installing The Opener Arm
  • Setting The Up And Down Limit
  • Synchronizing Your Remotes And Wireless Keypad
  • Operator Information
  • Common Operator Problems
  • Different Garage Door Opener Models
  • Many Different Garage Door Opener Brands
  • Garage Door Opener Accessories
  • Closing

Steps For Garage Door Opener Installation

Prior Installation Knowledge

There will be a few things you may need to know before you start installing a garage door opener. Be sure that you have one open outlet by the area where you are going to hang the opener for its power cord. be sure you have the correct rail length for your garage door height. Make sure that you are going to have a clear space to work on your garage door opener installation. If you have a vault garage be sure you have all of the tools you will need. If you aren’t sure you can do it by yourself then get an extra person.

General Installation Tools

There will be some tools that you will need when installing a garage door opener. You will need to have a drill. You will need to have an impact wrench. You will also need to have the appropriate deep well or magnetic sockets. Majority of the time you will need a 3/8, a 7/16 a 1/2, and possibly a 9/16 size. Then you may like to have the same-sized hand wrenches in case. Then you will need a flat-headed screwdriver as well as a Phillips head screwdriver. Then you will need to have a tape measure. Also, you will need to have a pair of wire snippers. Also, you may like to have a straight razor as well. You may like to have a pair of needle nose pliers as well. You will also need to have two ladders. Angle iron and a tool to cut it. Make sure you have a staple gun and extra staples.

Removing The Old Opener

Majority of the time you are going to have an old opener in your garage. Well if this is the case then you will have to remove it. When you remove it you will need to unplug the opener from its outlet. Then you will need to unplug the wires that are connected to the machine. After that. You will need to unattached the opener arm. Then you will want to make sure your garage door is closed. After that you will need to disconnect the opener from the angle iron hangs that it is connected to. Warning that you will need to rest this opener on the ladder and you will have to be ready to hold it. Then you would need to go to the front of the machine and disconnect the codder pin. After that, the opener will be completely disconnected and you can take it down. Now remove all of the old wires from the photocells. After that, you will need to remove the wires from the wall button as well. Now you will need to remove the header bracket from the old machine as well. After these steps, you will be ready for your new machine installation.

14x28 garage shed
14×28 garage shed

Setting Up The Opener

Now that the old opener has been removed you will be able to have room to set up your new garage door opener. The first thing you will need to do is construct the rail if it is a sectioned rail. Then you will need to connect the rail to the garage door opener. After that make sure that the belt of the chain or the cable chain is connected but not tightened. Then you will need to install your header bracket. You may even need to predrill the holes for the bracket. After you do that then you will connect the bracket to the header with lag screws. Then you will need to connect the rail to the header bracket with the codder pin. After this, you will be ready to hang the garage door opener. This is where you will need a second person. When you do this you may need to make a new garage door opener hangs. This can be made from an angle iron. You will need to hold the opener so the rail is leveled or higher than the door. Then measure the angle iron holes on the top sides of the machine and the length of the angle iron you will need to hang the opener. You may look at the old hangs for reference. Then you will need 1/2 inch bolts to connect the angle iron to the machine angle iron. Then you will need to hold the machine in place while you put a lag screw in the top hole of the angle iron on both sides. Now if you have a second person you may want them to hold the machine in place while you do these angle iron steps. After the machine has been hung be sure that you measure it and that is even. This will prevent the door from opening slanted. Then when this is done you can move on to the next step.

Installing The Photo Safety Eyes

When you have the photo safety eyes there will be two of them. One for each side of the track. You will need to clip them to the bracket that comes with them. That means you will have to put the screw in the slot that is on the front. Then put the bracket over the screw. Then you will lock it in place with the wing nut. You will now need to tighten the wing nut. After that just clip the bracket onto the track about 6 inches off of the ground. Then you will need to staple the photocell wires to the wall. Run the wires up the walls and then have them meet above the rails. Then you will need to run the wires along the ceiling above the opener. After that, you will come to a point where you will have them at the back of the opener. Just use your wire snips and cut the wire to fit the wire slot at the back of the machine. majority of the photo eyes have a black and white wire. That needs to be connected to the black and white wire slots. Then check your photocells to see if the light is on. You should see a green light and a yellow light (some openers may have different photocell light colors). If so then the connection was successful.

Installing The Wall Button

Now you will want to remove the old wall button. All you will need for this is a screwdriver. So you will just unscrew the screws on the wall button. Then you will need to unscrew any old wires. Now you will need to put in the new screws in the same area. The opener will come with red and white wires. Just connects the wires to the two screws in the back of the wall button. Tighten down the connected screws to the wires. Now you will rub your wires to the opener just like you did with the photocell wires. Now you will connect the wire to the terminal just like you did with the photocell wires. Connect the red and white wire to the appropriate color. Then check your wall button to see if the light is on. If it is then the connection was successful.

Installing The Wireless Keypad

When you install your wireless keypad you will need to have a screwdriver. You will need to set one screw into the outside wall of your garage door. Then make sure you have this facing the same side of the street. This will prevent people from seeing your code. After that be sure that you place the keypad over the screw ad slide it into place. Then put in the 2nd screw to secure it. After that, you can install your 4-digit code.

Installing The Opener Arm

When you have the opener arm you will have two metal pieces. Then you will have two codder pins. After that, you will have two or three 1/2-inch nuts and bolts. Connect the bolts to the desired location on the door ar Then you will need to put a codder pin and ring on the door bracket. Then do the same for the opener bracket. The opener bracket is located on the rail. You can engage and disengage the opener bracket. When it’s disengaged then you can run the opener without the door moving. When it’s engaged it will move with the door. Then you will need to have an emergency release cord and handle. Connect the cord to the opener bracket. Then tie the cord to the handle. Test it by engaging and disengaging it. This is used for emergencies. When your garage door or your opener has damage you disengage the opener from the door.

barn style garage
barn style garage

Setting The Up Limit And Down Limit

This may seem like a tricky thing to do at first. Typically for most machines, there will be a few buttons at the back or the side of the machine. One of those buttons will be a colored square or circle. That will be the same color as the antenna that is hanging on the machine. That is called your smart button. Then next to that may be 3 buttons. One is an up arrow, then there is a button like this – After that, there will be a down arrow button. So when you are setting your limits you will want to be careful. Set the up limit by holding the up arrow button. Be careful to raise it only as high as the garage door opening. Then press the button once to synchronize the desired position. Then to the same for the bottom limit. Be careful to set the limit only as far down as the door will go to get rid of most or all the light. DO NOT set the down limit far enough to bend your rail.

Synchronizing Your Remote And Wireless Keypad

When you are synchronizing your remotes you will need to be able to get to the smart button. When oyu are ready you will press the smart button, then you will press which button on your remote you want to be synchronized. If the opener flashes then the remote has synchronized. Then when you have your wireless keypad you may press the smart button. Then enter your 4-digit code. If the opener light flashes then you have synchronized your wireless keypad.

barn style garage with garage door
barn style garage with garage door

Operator Information

Now you have a general idea about installing a garage door opener. There may be a few things you may like to know about the operator. Make sure every 4-6 months that you lubricate your rail with low-temperature lithium grease. Then be sure that your chain is level and not snagging if you have a chain model. Be sure that your rail is not bent when you close your machine. Keep in mind that since the ground shifts it may throw your garage door off balance and you may need to reset the limits. Also, most machines can only have up to 4-5 remotes synced to them.

Common Operator Problems

  • Unsynced Remotes
  • Unsynced Keypad
  • Photo Saftey Eyes Damage
  • Photo Safety Eyes Blocked
  • Power Cord Unplugged
  • Operator Wires Damaged
  • Circuit Board Damaged
  • RPM Sensor Malfuntion
  • Limit Switch Failure
  • Cable Or Chain Damage
  • Motor Failure
  • Wall Button Failure
  • Wall Button Lockout

Different Garage Door Opener Models

Residential Models

  • Belt Drive
  • Screw Drive
  • Half Cable Half Chain
  • Jackshaft Opener

Commercial Models

  • Medium Grade Hoist Operator
  • Medium Grade Jackshaft Opener
  • Medium-Grade Trolly Operator

Industrial Opener

  • Trolley Operator
  • Slide Door Operator
  • Hoist Operator
  • Gearhead Trolley

Many Different Garage Door Opener Brands

  • Liftmaster
  • Chamberlin
  • Craftsman
  • Genie
  • Wayne-Dalton
  • Linear
  • Raynor
  • Amarr
  • Marantec
  • Skylink

Garage Door Opener Accessories

Basic Opener Accessories

  • Photocell Safety Eyes
  • Wired Garage Door Wall Button
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Garage Door Opener Rail (Some Models)

Additional Accessories

  • Receiver
  • Backup Battery
  • Additional Remotes
  • Parking Laser
  • Light System
  • And More


So now you see how this machine can be very important to everyday life and how it can make many things easier for you. Like parking your car in the garage. Bringing in groceries and other items. To increase the value of your home. Also, it can even sound quiet when it opens so it doesn’t wake people sleeping in your home. With all of the different brands and the different options, you will find the unit that best suits you. So this unit will bring you daily convenience just at the click of a button.