How To Protect A Wooden Table

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The wooden dining table is the ultimate centerpiece of any home, it serves as a place for both family meals and hosting dinner parties. With regular use though comes wear and tear, so learning how to protect your wooden dining table is paramount in preserving its charm for years to come. So no matter if you’re hosting weekly dinner parties or enjoying casual breakfasts with your family, these simple steps will help preserve the beauty of your new or old wooden dining tables while keeping it looking attractive and stunning at all times.

square outdoor dining table
square outdoor dining table

Choose the right tablecloth – one that is made from cotton or linen to keep the wood from staining

When it comes to setting the perfect table, choosing the right tablecloth is crucial. Not only does it set the tone for your décor, but it also protects your table from stains and damage. When selecting a tablecloth, it’s important to consider both the aesthetic appeal and the practicality of the material. For wooden tables, cotton or linen tablecloths are the ideal choice as they will provide a protective layer that keeps the wood from staining. Additionally, cotton and linen tablecloths are known for their durability, ease of care, and ability to add timeless elegance to any table setting. So, whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or a casual family gathering, a cotton or linen tablecloth is the perfect choice for a functional and stylish table setting.

Place a protective mat or trivet beneath your hot dishes and items

The kitchen is a hive of activity. It’s the room where we spend most of our time cooking up a storm and entertaining guests. However, with all the activity going on, it’s important to take precautions to keep our kitchen surfaces clean and scratch-free. One simple but effective way to do this is by placing a protective mat or trivet beneath hot dishes and items. That way, you can save yourself the hassle of dealing with heat and moisture damage to your countertops and tables. Additionally, you’ll be less likely to leave marks or stains that can ruin the look of your kitchen. So, the next time you’re cooking up a hot meal, just remember to grab a mat or trivet to keep your surfaces looking great.

Use placemats for extra protection against spills

Spills happen all the time, whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or hosting dinner guests. That’s why using placemats is not only a decorative touch, but also an extra layer of protection against those inevitable accidents. By placing placemats on your dining table, you won’t have to worry about unsightly stains or damage to your furniture. Plus, they add a pop of color and style to your table setting. So, whether you prefer classic solids or funky patterns, investing in a set of placemats is a practical and fashionable choice for any home.

dining table with bench on sale
dining table with bench on sale

Avoid using harsh cleaners on your table – opt for natural cleansers like olive oil and vinegar instead

Your table is more than just a piece of furniture – it’s where you gather with loved ones, host dinner parties, and share memories over a bottle of wine. However, cleaning it with harsh chemicals can leave residues that damage the surface and strip away its natural luster. That’s why it’s best to opt for natural cleansers like olive oil and vinegar instead. Not only are they gentle on your table, but they also leave a refreshing scent that adds to the ambiance of your home. Plus, using natural cleansers is an eco-friendly choice that supports sustainability. So, the next time you’re cleaning your table, consider reaching for the olive oil and vinegar instead of harmful chemicals. Your table (and the planet) will thank you.

Apply a layer of furniture wax every few months to keep it looking shiny and new

Furniture can last for years, even decades, with proper care. One way to keep your furniture looking its best is to apply a layer of furniture wax every few months. Not only does this add a nice shine to the surface, but it can also help protect the wood from scratches and other damage. Applying wax may seem daunting, but it’s actually quite simple. Just grab a soft cloth and gently rub the wax onto the surface in a circular motion. Not only will your furniture look like new, but you’ll also feel proud of yourself for taking such good care of it!

poly furniture

Invest in protective covers for when you’re not using the table – this will help prevent dust build-up over time

If you’re a fan of keeping your living space clean, investing in protective covers for your furniture is a no-brainer. Particularly for tables that aren’t used frequently, dust can accumulate quickly and become a nuisance to clean up. By covering your table while not in use, you can significantly reduce the amount of dust build-up over time. Not only will this make cleaning a breeze, it’ll also ensure your table stays looking shiny and new for longer. Plus, with a variety of colors and designs to choose from, protective covers can add a stylish touch to your home decor. Don’t let dust ruin your furniture – protect it with stylish and functional covers.


As we have discussed, maintaining the quality and beauty of your wood dining table doesn’t have to be a hard task. With some simple measures like selecting the right type of tablecloth, preventing direct contact with heat and spills, periodically cleaning with natural cleaners, employing furniture wax for extra protection, and investing in dust covers for times when you’re not using it; you can ensure your table will look good for years to come. All these steps taken together give your wood dining table a perfect wonderful look of stability that to add a bit of sophistication to your dining room. Therefore remember these steps while taking care of your wood dining table so that you can keep enjoying its timeless beauty!